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IDBI Bank for the convenience of retired employees has provided the portal facility on the IDBI Bank website, so that the requisite information, namely, monthly pension slip, form no. 16, list of holiday homes, medical benefits, etc. can be accessed. This is a retired employee friendly initiative taken by IDBI Bank. The access is being given by IDBI Bank free of cost and without levy of any subscription charges. While IDBI Bank has taken requisite care to make the system secure and also provide authentic information; IDBI accepts no liability or responsibility for any damage caused for any reason whatsoever including unauthorized access by any other user or if the information accessed was found to be incorrect or inaccurate.

All users are advised to keep the password secure and not to share the same with anyone.All the users are advised to change the password at regular intervals to avoid any unauthorized access or misuse.

All users by selecting the option "I agree" hereby unconditionally and irrevocably agree and undertake to be bound by the standard terms and conditions of IDBI Bank for the use of the portal facility, as amended from time to time.

All users are aware that their personal information like Permanent Account Number, email ID, date of retirement , Bank Account number, mobile number, etc. will be used for verification and authorisation purpose. In the event of any breach of security and or data leakages for any reason whatsoever, the users agree and undertake that they will not hold IDBI Bank or any of its directors, employees, service providers, agents or any other third party engaged by IDBI Bank responsible.

All users agree and confirm that the information provided under this portal is for their convenience and the user shall not raise any dispute or file any claim or objections whatsoever before any forum, tribunal, court, authority, etc. All users hereby appoint IDBI Bank as the sole arbitrator for resolving any dispute or difference arising out of use of this portal or otherwise. All users agree and confirm that the decision of IDBI Bank shall be final, binding and conclusive. No claim of whatsoever nature, arising out of the usage of this portal by the users or otherwise shall be preferred by the users (or any person claiming through or on behalf of the users) against IDBI Bank. All users unconditionally and irrevocably agree and undertake to hold the Bank harmless, at all the times against any and all costs, claims, charges, litigations, damages, loss, proceedings, etc. preferred by them or any other person claiming on their behalf.

The terms and conditions shall be governed by the laws of Republic of India.

I agree to all the terms and conditions and shall be bound by the same.