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Best Savings Account | IDBI Bank Savings Account

A deposit regular savings account is a type of Bank account that provides foremost security with a good interest rate. At IDBI Bank, we believe that different people have different needs. Thus, we offer various different types of Savings Account to cater to our diverse customer base. We have an account tailor-made for individuals, kids, women, corporate and senior citizens. The various types of Savings Account offered By IDBI Bank are as follows:

Range of Personal Banking services

IDBI Bank’s Savings Account can be availed for

  • bullet Individuals
  • bullet Kids
  • bullet Women
  • bullet Corporate
  • bullet Senior citizen

The IDBI Bank Savings Account Advantage

  • bullet A safe way to store and grow your money
  • bullet Different range of savings accounts
  • bullet Enhance banking experience
  • bullet Faster transfer of funds
  • bullet Online options to pay your bills or tax
  • bullet International Debit Card
  • bullet Demand drafts and Pay order
  • bullet NEFT/RTGS facility
  • bullet Internet Banking
  • bullet Mobile Banking
  • bullet Phone Banking
  • bullet Easy Payments
  • bullet Bank on the Move
  • bullet Profit from your Account
  • bullet Value Added Services
  • bullet Travel and Gift Solutions
At IDBI Bank, it is our constant endeavor to provide you products and services that will enhance your banking experience. From time to time we identify your needs and produce quality products that will simplify banking for you. Our extensive branch and ATM network, technology initiatives, and correspondent banking arrangement with banks across the globe have leveraged us to provide superior services.

How to Apply

Applying for a Savings Account is absolutely simple. Just call Phone Banking numbers or visit your Nearest Branch. Our representative will contact you at the earliest.

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