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National Unified USSD Platform - NUUP

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National Unified USSD Platform (NUUP) - *99*49#

NUUP (National Unified USSD Platform) is a mobile banking service provided by NPCI (National Payment Cooperation of India) which works on the USSD technology. Customers can avail of basic mobile banking services of IDBI Bank just by dialing the short code *99# from their mobile phone, irrespective of the telecom service provider, mobile handset capability or the need for a mobile internet plan.

USSD (Unstructured Supplementary Service Data) is a transmission protocol used by GSM cellular telephones to communicate with the Telecom Service Providers (TSP). Though similar to Short Messaging Service (SMS), USSD messages however create a real-time connection which remains open, allowing a two-way exchange of data.

Dial *99*49# for direct access to IDBI Bank's NUUP services. You may then select the relevant banking service from the list of options available.


On dialling the short code *99# you will be first prompted to input the bank's IFSC code i.e. IBKL after which an interactive menu with various banking services will be displayed on the screen.

Benefits of NUUP (USSD) service

  •    Bullet  An interactive session oriented service
  •    Bullet  Simple and easy to use
  •    Bullet  Works on almost all GSM handsets
  •    Bullet   GPRS connection (Internet data plan) not required
  •    Bullet  Works even while on the move
  •    Bullet  More secure than SMS

Services currently available

   Bullet   Non- Financial services :

  •       Bullet  Balance Enquiry - User can check the available balance of the bank account linked to the mobile number.

  •       Bullet  Mini Statement - User can generate mini account statement for the bank account linked to the mobile number.

  •       Bullet  Know MMID *(Mobile Money Identifier) - User can know the MMID allotted by the bank to the account during mobile banking registration.

  •       Bullet  Generate M-PIN - User can Generate/Set the M-PIN (Mobile PIN) which is like a password and used for authenticating financial transactions.

  •       Bullet  Change M-PIN - User can change the M-PIN (Mobile PIN)used for authenticating financial transactions.

   Bullet  Financial services :

  •       Bullet   Fund Transfer using Mobile No. and MMID- User can transfer funds by using MMID and Mobile number of the Beneficiary.

  •       Bullet   Fund Transfer using IFSC and Account No. - User can transfer fund by inputting IFS code and Account number of the Beneficiary.


1) How do I enroll or activate for the USSD (NUUP) service?
      Basic Inquiry Services like Account Balance, Mini-Statement and Know MMID is available to all Retail Banking customers maintaininga valid operative account. For customers having more than one account under a single CustomerID, all NUUP services will be provided on the primary account linked to his/her valid latest issued Debit Card. Customer may visit any of our IDBI Bank Branch or ATM to change the primary account linking of the debit card.  
      For availing financial services through NUUP channel, kindly register for Mobile Banking either online through Net Banking/ ATM or submit the Channel Registration Form at the nearest Branch.
Please ensure that your latest mobile number is updated to single unique CustomerID. If your mobile number is linked to Multiple CustomerID's then you will be denied financial access rights.

2) How do I access the NUUP (USSD) service?
      1. Dial *99*49# from your GSM mobile phone.  
      2. Menu options like Balance Enquiry, Fund Transfer etc will be displayed on your mobile screen. 
      3. Select the desired option from the menu and enter the details.
      4. Enter the last four digits of account number andMPIN for financial transaction and confirm.
      5. You will receive a confirmation on your mobile screen with the desired information /confirmation for the transaction. 

3) How many transactions are allowed per session?
      Only one transaction is allowed per session. Dial *99*49# to initiate a fresh transaction. 

4) Which type of transactions can be performed through the NUUP (USSD) channel? 
      Currently only IMPS based funds transfers can be carried out on the NUUP service (besides other account inquiry based services).

5) In how many Multi-lingual languages NUUP service is available and what are the GSM short codes for accessing the same?
      NUUP is currently available on 11 Multi-lingual languages. The short codes to access the same is as shown below:













6) What are the NUUP services available on Multi-Lingual?
      In Multi-Lingual due to character limitations as of now customer can access following three services, if the respective bank is live on the said services.
  •    Bullet  Balance Enquiry
  •    Bullet  Mini Statement
  •    Bullet  Fund Transfer using IFSC and Account Number

7) Which are the mobile operators connected in NUUP network?
      The list of telecom Operators participating in the NUUP service is available at the following link -http://www.npci.org.in/pro_pb.aspx

8) Will it work on only Java enabled or on basic mobile handsets? Will it require mobile internet connection or some software to be downloaded?
      NUUP service does not require any mobile internet connection or software to be downloaded on the mobile. It works even on the most basic GSM mobile handsets

9) Do I need to have GPRS or Data plan for using NUUP (USSD)? 
      There is no need to have GPRS or any such data connection on your mobile. You can use the service from any GSM mobile which has a voice calling capability. 

10) Does it work on CDMA mobile? 
      No. USSD channel is supported only on GSM mobiles. 

11) Do I need to generate MPIn for Non-Financial Services like Balance Enquiry, Mini-Statement, Know MMID, etc.?
      No, You do not need a MPIN for performing any Non-financial transactions. You only have to ensure your mobile number is updated in the Bank's record.

12) What is MMID?
      MMID stands for Mobile Money Identifier. MMID is a 7 digit code for availing IMPS. MMID is issued to only to those customers whose preferred mobile number is registered with the bank. Different MMIDs issued for multiple accounts, can be linked to same Mobile Number.

13) What does 'Know MMID' display?
      Know MMID will provide you with the MMID of your account. If MMID for your account is not available, Know MMID will generate an MMID and display the details on the screen.
      If you have multiple accounts and have already generated MMIDs though any of the channels i.e. Net Banking, ATM, Mobile Banking etc. then all the generated MMIDs will be displayed to you.

14) Do I need to register for Mobile Banking to do Financial transaction i.e IMPS?
      Yes, you have to be a registered Mobile Banking channel user to perform any financial transaction.

15) Should I generate MMID before initiating an IMPS transaction?
      Yes. If your account does not have an MMID generated then use option 'Know MMID' to generate MMID for your account. If you have multiple accounts linked to your Customer ID then MMID will be generated for the primary account linked to your debit card.

16) What are the timings for initiating and receiving IMPS remittances?
      IMPS transactions can be sent and received 24X7, (round the clock), including on holidays. Similarly, funds remitted using the *99# service can be received by the beneficiary 24*7 (round the clock).

17) Do TSPs (Telecom Service Providers) charge the customer for NUUP(Dial *99#) service?
      Yes. TSPs charge the customer for using *99# service. Please contact your Telecom Service Provider to know the exact charges for using the service. However, TRAI (Telecom Regulatory Authority of India) has set a maximum ceiling of Rs. 1.50 / transaction for using this service.

18) Is there a facility/option available to Stop/Cancel financial transactions initiated using *99# service?
      No. Since the *99# service uses IMPS channel which is an immediate fund transfer service; hence, it will not be possible to stop or cancel financial transaction after it has been initiated.

19) What is the limit of Fund Transfer?
      Maximum per day transaction limit for NUUP (USSD channel) is Rs.5,000/- as is applicable to SMS based funds transfer (in line with the RBI guidelines).

20) How do I know that no unauthorized payments are made using NUUP?
      For any financial transaction, you have to initiate and authorize each and every payment made from your account using your MPIN. Please do NOT share your MPIN with anyone and do not save it on your mobile handset in any manner.

21) Can I change my M-PIN?
      Yes, the MPIN can be changed any time. After starting the session,select option to Change MPIN. Enter old MPIN and then enter the new MPIN and confirm.

22) How many characters should MPIN have?
      MPINfor NUUP is a four digit numeric PIN.

23) What should I do in case I face an error 'Invalid Command' or 'Try again'?
      In case you face errors like 'Invalid Command' or 'Try again', please check if your mobile operator is in the NUUP list. If yes, then the error may be due to a network issue in your area. You may try initiating the transaction after sometime. In case the issue persists, please check with your mobile operator.
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