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Right to Information Act
RTI - Bare Act
Section 4(1)
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The Right To Information Act, 2005

A statement of the categories of documents that are held by the Bank or under its control

Various documents held by the Bank pertain to its business operations. These are policies, rules & regulations, circulars, office orders, internal manuals etc. These also include papers and documents etc. submitted by its customers.

There are various categories of documents such as:

  • Rules, Regulations, Office Orders and Circulars
  • Internal manuals and policy statements*
  • Administrative instructions*
  • Audit Registers for expenditure*
  • Records and Registers in the nature of Cash Books, cheque payments & receipts, issue of cheque books, investment register, Inward-Outward registers, Pay-Audit registers, DD & FAD register, TDS register, bill register etc.
  • Personnel files*
  • Inter-departmental / inter-office correspondences*
  • Publications brought out by the Bank
  • Agenda, minutes etc. of the meetings of the Board and various committees*
  • Records relating to the establishments and properties held by the Bank and Financial accounting records*
  • Other documents as specified by authorities from time-to-time*
(Items marked by asterisk as mentioned above pertains to documents which are of commercial confidence and for internal use only).
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