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Kutumb - Family Banking
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Kutumb - Family Banking

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With Kutumb you can now ensure your family gets greater access to their finances. You maintain the required min. balance on their behalf and free them from spending within limits.

Features include:

  • Bullet Specially designed accounts for each family member viz. Women / Children / Youth and Senior Citizens
  • Bullet Facility to maintain minimum balance by primary family member on behalf of the entire family
  • Bullet Greater flexibility to access own funds
  • Bullet All accounts under one roof





No. of Members which can be grouped under the Kutumb arrangement

Minimum : 2
Maximum : 5


Eligible Family Members

Spouse ,Mother ,Father, Child, Grand-Parent, Grand –Child, Brother, Sister, Father-in-law,Mother-in-law


Eligible Accounts

  1. All Individual Savings Accounts except Basic Savings Bank Deposit / Financial Inclusion and Capital Gains Accounts
  2. All Individual Current Accounts / Accounts of Sole Proprietors / HUF


  1. An account which is already grouped under Family Id cannot be grouped under another Family Id.
  2. Accounts with Freeze / Negative Balance / Unrecovered charges lying in recovery table / Inactive / Dormant accounts shall be restricted  for grouping


MAB Requirement at the Family level

  1. MAB Requirement shall be the sum of the MAB requirement of the individual accounts in the group and shall be termed as Family MAB ( FMAB)
  2. FD /FFD balances shall not be reckoned for the purposes of arriving at the Family MAB requirement.



Facilities and Charges

The account level facilities and charges thereof as per the applicable Schedule of Facilities (SoF) will continue as hitherto.

There shall no change in any facilities pursuant to grouping of accounts.


Charge Computation  for Non-Maintenance of FMAB

  1. In the event of non-maintenance of Stipulated Family MAB, all the accounts which have not maintained the MAB will be charged product level penal charges as applicable.
  2. Summation of product level penal charges will be the Penal charges applicable for non-maintenance of Family MAB.


Penal Charge Application

Penal Charges will be recovered from the Primary Family Member’s Account. In case of insufficient balance in the Primary Family Member’s Account, the charges will be recovered from the next account in the sequence of grouping and so on.

How to Apply

Applying for a Kutumb - Family Banking is absolutely simple. Just call Phone Banking numbers or visit your Nearest Branch. Our representative will contact you at the earliest.

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